The Space for the Financial World CASSINI Hackathon is set for 4-6 November 2022! This time we are reimagining the future of finance, insurance, and investments with the help of European space technologies. From Lithuania to Spain, this pan-European hackathon is set to put innovation and sustainability at the forefront with the help of Europe’s top entrepreneurs and coders. Meet the 10 selected local organisers who are helping to push the European finance sector forward.

Belgium: EY wavespace™️ Antwerp


EY wavespace™️ Antwerp is focused on open innovation and collaboration between corporates and start-ups. It facilitates projects in all innovation phases: from ideation, concept, prototype and co-creation to showcasing a project. With previous experience in running hackathons and a strong team they are ready to bring innovators together to reinvent the way we do finance!

Czech Republic: CEE HACKS

CEE Hacks

CEE HACKS will be organising the Hackathon in Czechia! CEE HACKS powered by Insane Business Ideas s.r.o. is a consulting and information technology company. With previous experience with organising hackathons and working as an incubator, they are aiming to bring innovative ideas to the forefront and help in making them a reality.

Finland: Ultrahack


Ultrahack will be organising the Hackathon in Finland! Ultrahack offers IT services and consulting with the aim of driving growth, innovation, and digitalization across multiple industries by connecting public and private corporations with individuals, start-ups, and corporate developers. With plenty of experience in organising hackathons and a strong network of collaborators they are aiming to give participants a space where they can re-imagine the European financial industry.

France: International Space University    


The International Space University will be organising the Hackathon in France! The International Space University is dedicated to the discovery, research, and development of outer space and its applications for peaceful purposes, through international and multidisciplinary education and research programs. With a strong set of expertise on the theme and a vast network they are hoping to provide a space where space technology and finance meet and thrive.

Germany: N3XTCODER



N3XTCODER will be organising the Hackathon in Germany! Nextcoder Softwareentwicklungs GmbH focuses on IT consulting and services with the objective of aiding in the development of digital products, with a focus on breakthrough technologies that can tackle social problems globally. Having previously participated in the 1st CASSINI Hackathon and with solid experience in organising hackathons and acceleration programmes, they are keen to find new entrepreneurial talent in the financial industry.

Italy: Fondazione E. Amaldi

Fondazione E. Amaldi

Fondazione E. Amaldi will be organising the Hackathon in Italy! Fondazione E. Amaldi was established by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and the Hypatia Research Consortium, as a project that aims to propose a new way of interpreting applied research and technology transfer in support of the national scientific heritage. Their aim is to promote and support scientific research aimed at technology transfer, starting from the space sector, as a fundamental tool for the country's economic development and as a source of innovation. Seeking to keep pushing innovation forward they will be welcoming the participants of the 4th CASSINI Hackathon.

Lithuania: Startup Division

Startup Division

Startup Division will be organising the Hackathon in Lithuania! Startup Division is a leading start-up support organisation, building bridges between start-up ecosystems globally. Through a variety of pan-European and global projects, they collaborate with numerous renowned accelerators, incubators, investors, business angels & venture capitals. Having worked with over 1.000 start-ups and an extensive list of collaborators through their different programmes they aim to continue to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the European financial industry.

Slovenia: Venture Factory

Venture Factory

Venture Factory will be organising the Hackathon in Slovenia! Venture Factory is a purpose-driven business & ecosystem building organisation that helps companies build their businesses. Their focus is on strategy development, business design and ecosystem collaboration. Having been actively involved in the start-up and innovation ecosystem by running a business incubator and with the support of a strong network of collaborators they are looking for the next batch of visionaries ready to turn their ideas into actions at the 4th CASSINI Hackathon.

Switzerland: Space4Impact


Space4Impact will be organising the Hackathon in Switzerland! Space4Impact promotes the adoption of space technologies that have a positive impact on Earth. With their Space2Earth Accelerator, they aim to help space start-ups to bring the power of satellite data to new markets. With a strong link to the thematic and having already participated in the 1st CASSINI Hackathon they are now aiming to bring entrepreneurs and coders together to shake up the current European financial industry.

Spain: Fundació Privada Knowledge Innovation Market, Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona & the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia

KIM BCN x CAMBRA BCN x IEECThe Fundació Privada Knowledge Innovation Market, the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, and the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia will be organising the Hackathon in Spain! The Fundació Privada Knowledge Innovation Market promotes the development of space technology, scouting the most forward-thinking solutions. The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona has recently established a Commission for Space and  Aeronautics to promote and connect space entrepreneurs. Finally, the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia fosters space research, innovation and the sector’s competitiveness, particularly as the promoter of the New Space strategy of Catalonia.



Those are the 10 new local organisers! Found a region of interest? Already got an idea for a more sustainable, digital, and greener way of doing finance? Join us at the ‘Space for the Financial World' Hackathon, the fourth chapter of the CASSINI Hackathons and make your ideas a reality. Registrations will open on 1 September! Be where the innovation happens!