The Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid CASSINI Hackathon is set for 3-5 November 2023! This edition we are utilising EU space technologies to bring about real change that improves the design and delivery of humanitarian assistance and international development around the world! From Portugal to Estonia, this pan-European hackathon is challenging Europe’s entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and young professionals to make a lasting impact on international development and humanitarian aid. Meet the selected local organisers for this new set of challenges:

Croatia: Algebra University College

Algebra LABAlgebra University College (AUC) will be organising the Hackathon in Croatia! AUC is an accredited higher educational institution active in the fields of computer engineering and economy. Algebra LAB (AUC’s innovation centre) is an open innovation lab, offering applicative R&D solutions for entrepreneurs who develop solutions relying on digital technologies. They have the oldest and the most successful in-house tech start-up incubator in Croatia and so far, have incubated 15 batches of start-up companies, and more than 160 start-ups in total. By joining the CASSINI Hackathons, they seek to actively contribute to fostering the next generation of space entrepreneurs.


Estonia: Garage48

Garage48Garage48 will be organising the Hackathon in Estonia! This organisation has extensive experience in project management and implementation of complex international projects. Garage 48 has developed a global network of mentors, participants and partners who keep coming back and contributing to the open innovation events that boost the entrepreneurial skills among the participants for doing business or running a financially viable non-profit organisation. Having organised over 250 hackathons in more than 70 cities and 35 countries, and seen 2000+ ideas pitched and 1000+ working prototypes built, this organisation is ready to guide participants to success.


Germany: N3XTCODER

N3XTCODERN3XTCODER will be organising the Hackathon in Germany! This organisation focuses on IT consulting and services to aid in the development of digital products that can tackle social problems globally. N3XTCODER has 10+ years of work experience within the global social impact community, the financial sector, and a vast technology-focused network including partnerships with prestigious German ministries, international corporations, universities, and NGOs. N3XTCODER, in line with the CASSINI Hackathons, is deeply committed to utilizing data for good and building solutions that can effectively address the most pressing problems of today.


Netherlands: stichting dotSPACE & Royal Haskoning DHV

stichting dotSPACE & Royal Haskoning DHVdotSPACE & Royal Haskoning DHV (RHDHV) will be organising the Hackathon in the Netherlands! Both are active in the field of space applications and are experienced in organising hackathons. dotSPACE is a leading expert centre dedicated to unlocking the vast potential of space data. With a focus on Earth Observation technology, dotSPACE plays a large role in addressing critical challenges in public health, food security, smart cities, and agriculture. RHDHV is a global engineering and project management consultancy firm that provides various services in the fields of water, infrastructure, maritime, aviation, and sustainable development. Together, with the CASSINI Hackathons, they aim to improve society through people, expertise, partnerships, and innovations.


Poland: Krakowski Park Technologiczny sp. z o.o.

KTPKrakowski Park Technology Park (KTP) will be organising the Hackathon in Poland! Kraków Technology Park has been co-creating conditions for the development of entrepreneurship for over 25 years, one of them being the management of the Technology Incubator for ICT start-ups. KTP has experience with the provision and organisation of various types of events supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups, including acceleration and incubation programmes, events, and hackathons, such as Act in Space for Space and Startup Weekend for ICT. KTP aims to create a space where they can support young entrepreneurs in maximising their capabilities for problem-solving.


Portugal: Ripply Flow, Lda

Ripply FlowRipply Flow, Lda will be organising the Hackathon in Portugal! Ripply Flow focuses on fostering a data ecosystem by creating connections among its stakeholders through competitions, technical conferences, and other initiatives. Ripply Flow has organised data competitions and hackathons for various city councils and major Portuguese companies including Porto City Council and Millennium BCP (the largest commercial bank in Portugal). The team has also co-founded World Data League, a non-profit online competition focused on advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Seeking to push their data ecosystem further, they aim to make their hackathon a place for bold innovation.


Romania: Romania Tech Startups Association

ROTSARomania Tech Startups Association (ROTSA) will be organising the Hackathon in Romania! ROTSA is the umbrella organization dedicated to the development of tech start-ups, with activities in all 4 main tech cities in Romania. Having organised over 30 start-up and tech hackathons, and with strategic acceleration and investment partnerships with entities such as the Romanian Space Agency and the Ministry of Research & Development, they are committed to enhancing the capabilities of European space technology with the help of Romanian-born space technologies. The CASSINI Hackathons are the perfect opportunity to do so.


Slovenia: Tovarna podjemov (Venture Factory)

Venture FactoryTovarna Podjemov (Venture Factory) will be organising the Hackathon in Slovenia! With over 20 years of acceleration experience and 14 organised hackathons, Venture Factory is a purpose-driven business & ecosystem building organisation that helps ambitious companies challenge the status quo. To do so, they leverage the resources and networks from their PODIM conference (one of the most influential startup and tech events in the Central and Eastern Europe region), and Start:up, their start-up ecosystem platform. By connecting a vast network of entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, investors, and institutions they aim to support the CASSINI Hackathons in creating a better tomorrow.


Spain: Fundació Privada Knowledge Innovation Market BCN

KIMbcnFundació Privada Knowledge Innovation Market BCN (KIMbcn) will be organising the Hackathon in Spain! KIMbcn, supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia (IEEC) and the Cartographical and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) have strongly collaborated in the promotion and uptake of space-based developments in Catalonia and have become key players of the new space economy in Catalonia. The consortium will take advantage of their existing cooperation schemes, the combined knowledge of space developments and unique experience in organising space data-oriented hackathons to organise an impactful hackathon.


We are pleased to announce that for the 6th edition of the CASSINI Hackathons, we will have an additional special organiser joining us from Ukraine. Their expertise and contribution will further enhance the impact of our event and open the door to many talented Ukrainians with an interest in space technology to join a hackathon with a purpose.


Ukraine: Ukrainian Startup Fund

USFUkrainian Startup Fund (USF) will be organising the Hackathon in Ukraine! USF is an organisation that promotes the creation and growth of technology start-ups in Ukraine. With their vast experience in supporting tech start-ups, USF will be a valuable addition to the pool of local organisers, promoting space innovation among their entrepreneurial ecosystems.*


There you go! Those were the ten new local organisers! Found a region of interest? Already got an idea? Join us for the ‘Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid’ Hackathon! Registrations will open on 1 September. Innovate for the bettering of humanity with the CASSINI Hackathons.

*If you join the CASSINI Hackathon Ukraine, you can compete for some awesome prizes from local sponsors and partners. Plus, you'll get a special invite to present your idea at the Demo Day & Awards Ceremony. But, just so you know, participants from this location won't be able to take part in the 100-hour Mentoring programme.