The Re(Visit) Europe Hackathon is set for 12-14 May 2022 and is aiming to use space technology to revitalise and innovate the European tourism industry. From Austria to Portugal, this pan-European event is set to bring all of Europe together to work towards a common goal. Meet the 10 selected local organisers who are ready to initiate the change…

Austria: Science Park Graz

Science Park GrazScience Park Graz will be organising the Hackathon in Austria!  This institution was established in 2002 and aims to support and promote the creation of innovative tech-based start-ups. Having already helped over 150 high-tech projects evolve into flourishing companies and hosting both the ESA Business Incubation Centre and ESA Business Applications Ambassador for Austria they are ready to find the next entrepreneur ready to reinvent the European tourism industry.

Denmark: Happy42

Happy42Happy42 will be organising the Hackathon in Denmark! As a consultancy company specialising in open innovation and entrepreneurship, they have vast experience in the areas of processing, project management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Founded in 2015 and having already successfully worked with over 40 enterprises they are prepared to bring together Denmark’s entrepreneurs to develop the European tourism industry of tomorrow.


Murmuration and OTLMURMURATION and Open Tourisme Lab will be organising the Hackathon in France! MURMURATION is an environmental protection organisation supporting companies in their decision-making process. They deliver B2B and consulting services in tourism, Greentech and renewable energies. OTL is a platform dedicated to the tourism ecosystem. They promote the emergence of new businesses and innovation among tourism stakeholders. With their combined experience, they are now ready to support other entrepreneurs in transforming European tourism.

Greece: Corallia

CoralliaCorallia will be organising the Hackathon in Greece! As the first organisation in Greece for the structured and systematic management and development of innovation clusters, they aim to boost competitiveness and innovation. As of 2022, Corallia has developed 3 highly specialised clusters in nano/microelectronics-based systems and applications, space technologies and applications, and gaming technologies and creative content. Seeking to keep pushing Greek innovation forward they will be supporting entrepreneurs during the 3rd CASSINI Hackathon.

Hungary: Design Terminal

Design TerminalDesign Terminal will be organising the Hackathon in Hungary! They are an incubation ecosystem offering business development and talent management services. After being founded in 2004 they have helped over 800 innovative enterprises with their accelerator program for international start-ups with a focus on social good. Having already been awarded “Best Hungarian Accelerator” at the 2016 Central European Start-up Awards they are now joining the 3rd edition of the CASSINI Hackathon to find new entrepreneurial talent within the tourism industry.

Italy: Lazio Innova SpA

Lazio InnovaLazio Innova SpA will be organising the Hackathon in Italy! This company was founded in 2015 with the aim of promoting innovation and support for SMEs and start-ups. They work closely with businesses and local public administrators by supporting credit and issuing guarantees, providing support for internationalisation, and promoting business networks, among other activities. Hoping to continue to push regional excellence forward they are looking for the next batch of visionaries ready to put their ideas into action at the 3rd CASSINI Hackathon.

Netherlands: Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk         

Space Business Innovation Centre NoordwijkSpace Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk and Sunweb will be organising the Hackathon in the Netherlands! SBIC is a space business innovation centre, specialising in supporting start-ups that use space technologies by offering access to a vast network, tools, and financing options. Sunweb is a travel operator. They specialise in creating unique travel experiences by focusing on innovation and by adapting their packages to client needs. With their combined experience they are now encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of the European tourism industry at the 3rd CASSINI Hackathon.

Norway: Bærekraft Kristiansand AS

Berkraft KristansandBærekraft Kristiansand AS will be organising the Hackathon in Norway! As a centre for  sustainability, they are a space where businesses, innovators, academia and environmentalists can come together to collaborate for lasting change. Working as a conglomerate of various institutions, they aim to contribute towards a more sustainable future for both technology and tourism. With this aim at hand, they are joining the 3rd CASSINI Hackathon, hoping to fuel the change towards a more sustainable tourism in Europe.

Poland: Krakowski Park Technologiczny 

Krakowski Park Technologiczny	Krakowski Park Technologiczny will be organising the Hackathon in Poland! As a specialised institution of the business environment, they have successfully built an ecosystem with 350 companies in which they offer various services such as acceleration and incubation programmes, R&D services, workshops, and seed funding. With the mission of stimulating innovation in the region, they are joining the 3rd edition of the CASSINI Hackathon to provide a space for Polish entrepreneurs to come together and shake up the current European tourism industry.

Portugal: Instituto Pedro Nunes

Instituto Pedro NunesInstituto Pedro Nunes will be organising the Hackathon in Portugal! Founded in 1991, this organisation promotes innovation and technology transfer, being the main link between the University of Coimbra and the business sector. Their key areas of expertise are: incubation and acceleration of technology-based enterprises, research and technological development, and highly specialized training; having been awarded "Best Science-Based Incubator” in 2010. They are now bringing all the expertise forward to help entrepreneurs at the 3rd CASSINI Hackathon

Found a region of interest? Have an idea that will change tourism? Join us at the (Re)Visit Europe Hackathon, the third instalment of the CASSINI Hackathons and make the change happen. Registrations open on 14 March! See you there!