Nature is a vulnerable yet crucial part of our existence. How we care for it will significantly impact our lives and those of generations yet to come. European space technologies have many capabilities that allow us to access, understand and protect nature now and for the future. From monitoring vegetation changes and developing ‘green’ indicators and optimal access routes to forecasting air pollutants, UV indexes and park congestion, the possibilities are truly limitless. The first CASSINI Hackathon, which takes place from 18-20 June 2021, challenges hackers to leverage geospatial information from Copernicus Earth observation data and its services, together with positioning technologies from Galileo & EGNOS, to digitise our green spaces.


The CASSINI Hackathons and Mentoring, initiated by the European Union and its space programmes, are a series of six hackathons that tackle global challenges with European space technologies. Each of the six hackathons will take place in ten different locations simultaneously. Winners will be awarded at both a local and EU level, with the three overall winners gaining access to a six-month mentoring programme that includes 100 hours of expert mentoring. The mentoring will support the winning teams in building sustainable and successful businesses.


What’s in store? Hackers from across Europe will choose from ten different locations hosted by an affiliated organisation in Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Switzerland. Each location features its own unique set of experts, prizes, and technology and application focuses. Once they select a location, it’s time for registration, team formation and ideation! Teams must choose to solve one of three challenges under the theme of digitising green spaces:

  1. Discover your city: design products, devices, services or environments that enable urban citizens to better understand their city and its green spaces. Concepts should support urban planning and real estate development & valuations, index green factors contributing to residential life, and promote ecological sustainability.
  2. Staying fit and healthy: design products, devices or services that enable city dwellers to stay active and keep their minds and bodies healthy. Concepts should map green spaces for outdoor activity, forecast air pollutants such as pollen, nitrogen oxide, or particulate matter, and understand and monitor UV exposure.
  3. Protecting our rural areas: design products, devices, services or environments that promote the digitalisation of rural green spaces. Concepts should promote wildlife and ecosystem conservation, ensure healthy and resilient forests, and support the development of new green spaces and underdeveloped areas. 
CASSINI Hackathon


Determined hackers with a passion for developing sustainable solutions can register today. No previous space experience? No problem! This is every hacker’s chance to engage in the sector, even if it’s for the first time. The application process is easy: First, choose a challenge. Then, leverage EU space technologies to digitise our green spaces. Register here:

Hackers are not the only ones who can take advantage of the CASSINI Hackathons & Mentoring. Both organisers and mentors are needed! Interested individuals, organisations, companies and institutions are invited to apply to support the next generation of space-based entrepreneurs. Information on how to get involved can be found here for mentors and organisers.


Become part of this exciting European initiative to promote EU Space technology and its many applications. Hack with a purpose and leverage EU Space data, services and signals to access, understand and protect our natural spaces. Apply below!