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CASSINI Business Accelerator | November 27, 2023

After an extremely competitive selection of 120+ applicants, we have selected 21 space startups and scaleups for our second batch. The potential of this group is underlined by their diversity; their expertise ranges from robotics and satellite information to sustainability-based metrics and rocket launches.

This programme will last six months, starting in November 2023 and ending in April 2024 whereby we will help the startups accelerate their businesses through in-person and online activities. These activities will involve business coaching and mentoring sessions led by professionals ranging from various industries and training sessions and events of the highest quality which will foster innovation and push the startups to accelerate their business development and sales. The startups will also get access to investor networks across the EU while also gaining insights on how to enter new markets. 

The CASSINI Business Accelerator is part of the European Commission and has been created to support space entrepreneurship, innovation, and investments. The CASSINI Business Accelerator is bolstered by the partnership between Verhaert, Plug and Play Tech Center, Civitta, and Sting, which all support in the design, development, and successful and fruitful operation of this programme. 

Want to find out more about our selected startups? Check them out below:

⚙️ 10Lines (Estonia): develops autonomous robots and software for the pavement marking industry. With 10Lines robots, you can stripe parking lots 7X faster with a smaller environmental footprint.

⚙️ Algoryx (Sweden): a global frontrunner in digital physics, serving sectors from construction to aerospace. We offer cutting-edge simulations for applications like space robotics and lunar construction. Algoryx's end-to-end solutions streamline design, training, and validation, and enable AI-driven autonomy.

📡 Astrolight (Lithuania): developing highly secure optical telecommunication systems for aerospace, defence and governmental applications.

🛰️ constellR (Belgium): a pan-European technology company measuring temperature, water & carbon from space for better resource accountability. constellR leads the way in beyond-visual imaging technology to assess crucial aspects of our planet's health.

🛰️ DCUBED (Germany): DCUBED enables you to do BIG things in space, via easy-to-use and easy-to-get space technology. DCUBED develops COTS Release Actuators, Solar Arrays and Deployables including In-Space Manufacturing for the global space market.

📡 EarthPulse (Spain): Earthpulse's mission is to unlock the value of Earth Observation data. We use Artificial Intelligence to absorb complexity and cost, providing actionable knowledge to our users. Complex data, made easy.

🛰️ Ecosmic (Netherlands): Ecosmic is on a mission to empower sustainable space operations. We are developing a fully software-based operations model that can be embedded in satellites. Our first product is a software solution that reduces the workload and loss of revenues associated with space traffic management.

🛰️ EnduroSat (Bulgaria):  one of the fastest-growing space companies in Europe, providing solutions to the global space market. EnduroSat’s team believes that universal access to space will inherently improve human life. Its mission is to empower people to connect and progress through space technology.

🛰️ ENPULSION (Austria):  specialized in electric propulsion systems for nano- and microsatellites. Its products are based on the company’s proprietary Field-Emission Electric Propulsion (FEEP).

🛰️ Four Point (Poland): The ever-growing demand for natural resources is causing a massive burden on the environment - impacting air, sound, ground and water pollution. Four Point is reducing the environmental impact of opencast mines by merging geospatial data to generate real-time insights into ground conditions.

🛰️ Latitude (France): Latitude develops services related to small satellite launches. The main one is a fully developed in-house launcher Zephyr, with an available payload of 100kg in LEO. Complementary services are offered to cover customers from their factory to space.

🛰️ LLcloud® (Bulgaria): LLcloud is a cloud software platform for automated multi-sensor data gathering, analysis, and visualization. LLcloud® allows multi-scale multi-sensor Earth Observation combining space (satellite images), aerial (drone images/videos) and ground-based (IoT, wearable) data.

🛰️ Murmuration (France): Murmuration uses satellite data, advanced modelling, and AI to quantify the environmental impact at the scale of the individual. This allows stakeholders in critical economic sectors such as tourism and urbanism, to include the environmental dimension in their decision-making process.

🚀 Pangea Aerospace (Spain): Pangea is working with the best EU institutional launchers and new-space companies to provide them with its advanced off-the-shelf rocket engine and an innovative pay per-flight-model boosting profits by +4x, accelerating their time to market by 2x while offering the cleanest way to space

🚀 Pythomspace AB (Sweden): Based in Sweden, Pythomspace AB develops rockets, spaceships and landers for orbital and interplanetary missions. As a first step, the Birka reusable rocket will carry satellites, experiments, and machinery for in-space manufacturing to orbit.

📡 RECTANGLE (Poland): a hi-tech SME offering products and development services in the field of telecommunications and precise Guidance Navigation & Control. The company delivers customized software and hardware solutions tailored to specific application requirements.

🛰️ Remos Space Systems (Sweden): Remos specializes in the development of software-defined communication systems for the ground operations of satellites, deep-space probes, and rockets.

🛰️ SPiN (Germany): SPiN offers modular integration solutions for satellites, to assemble components efficiently and cheaply: A service to design satellites in a flexible concept using model-based system engineering methodology and a plug-and-play adapter, the MA61C intelligent data node.

📡 UNSEENLABS (France): UNSEENLABS is the world leader in radio frequency (RF) data and solutions provider for Maritime Domain Awareness. Its unique technology allows the geolocation and characterization of any vessel at sea, including non-cooperative ones, anywhere, at any time and in any weather conditions.

🦠 WaltR (France): WaltR exploits EO data, as well as a patented space technology from CNES, that enable the precise mapping of gaseous and particulate pollutant emissions. It Detects, Identifies, and Monitors emission sources, providing gap-free improved data and key information to users, for them to make informed decisions.

🛰️ WEO (Luxembourg): WEO creates environmental analytics from satellites. We harness the power of space data and AI to generate actionable insights to make cities more resilient and reduce risk. Our mission is to work towards a sustainable future with impactful EO environmental solutions for all. 

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