All good things come in 3s

CASSINI Business Accelerator | May 13, 2024

A warm welcome to Batch 3 of the CASSINI Business Accelerator!

Today, we’re welcoming the incoming Batch 3 of the CASSINI Business Accelerator programme, marking a significant milestone in advancing space innovation and entrepreneurship. Following an intense selection process from a pool of over 150 applicants, we're proud to welcome 19 exceptional companies into our cohort.

This batch represents a diverse range of space startups, with 8 specialising in downstream applications, 8 in upstream technologies, and 3 covering both sectors. Their innovative solutions span across various domains, from satellite propulsion and forest monitoring to space mobility and environmental analytics.

Without further ado, let's meet the lineup of Batch 3 participants:

Arkadia Space (Spain): Specializes in green propulsion systems for space vehicles, offering high-performance engines at a fraction of the cost to revolutionise space logistics.

Aurora (Finland): Aurora's technologies enable satellite propulsion in an unprecedented form factor, ensuring successful mission operations as well as the safe and reliable decommissioning of satellites at the end of their useful lifespan.

CollectiveCrunch (Finland): Provides data products enabling digital forestry: forest inventories, damage (bark beetle) detection, forest carbon and biodiversity. They use AI to distil this forest information from vast amounts of remote sensing (e.g. satellite) data.

Detektia (Spain): Monitoring infrastructures from space. Detektia links satellite technologies and the civil engineering sector through Machine Learning and IA; they transform the enormous volume of radar satellite data into early warnings and easy-to-interpret data leading to action.

GreenAnt (Netherlands): Has developed a unique IP for analysing radar data. Desidera, their flagship product, offers data-backed services to help manage climate risks, including predicting harvest failures, assessing flood risks, and estimating damages promptly after such events.

KappaZeta (Estonia): A science-driven radar remote sensing company developing innovative satellite-based services and products. They now initiated “3D-SAR”, the first Estonian commercial space mission to monitor global biomass and carbon stock with high accuracy and revisit.

KP Labs (Poland): focuses on on-board data processing through its products – data processing units, edge computing algorithms (vision and signal processing), and embedded software (payload- and mission-specific) for nano and small satellites (ESA mission class 3-5). ​

Look Up Space (France): Look Up Space is a French space technology company founded in 2022 with the ambition to pioneer the development of advanced solutions to increase spaceflight safety and security.

Odysseus Space (Luxembourg): Odysseus Space's vision is to provide light-speed connectivity everywhere in the Solar system. They aim to enable fast & secure communications between all human assets in space and on Earth.

SciDrones (Greece): Introducing CMLO by SciDrones: Revolutionizing marine litter management with AI-driven detection, reliable mapping, and insightful analytics. Empowering global stakeholders to combat marine pollution effectively. 

Sirius Space (France): Creates a range of launchers that are sovereign, sustainable, 100% reusable, and dedicated to small satellites.

Space4Good (Netherlands): A social enterprise certified B. Corp providing geospatial solutions based on earth observation, remote sensing technology and AI for supporting nature conservation, regenerative practices and social economic development.

Spacive (Poland): Offers comprehensive R&D services, specialising in thermal control system development, including MLI, deployable structures, graphite thermal straps, radiators, and 3D-printed heat pipes.

SPHERICAL (Netherlands): Designs dedicated semiconductors and uses them for electronic subsystems for satellites. By designing semiconductors faster and more efficiently, they make systems better, more reliable, easier to control with software and perform better.

SuperVision Earth (Germany): Simplifies satellite and drone technology; specialises in remote sensing and geospatial analysis. Their flagship product, "SuperVision Pipeline," swiftly detects pipeline issues by integrating satellite imagery and drone data for actionable insights.

THRUST (Lithuania): A Lithuania-based startup that designs, manufactures, and operates custom UAV platforms and develops multi-sensor multi-scale AI-based remote sensing analytics solutions utilising satellite, aviation, and UAV data.

Uptimai (Czech Republic): A software that helps engineering teams in the auto and aerospace industries make faster and more accurate design decisions through AI to evaluate even small datasets and present results using modern visualisation tools.

vorteX-io (France): Provides the first river forecast service in real-time for improved water resources management at a worldwide level.

Zaitra (Czech Republic): Advancing spacecraft onboard autonomy and effectively extracting insights from real-time data using AI. “Onboard satellite autonomy and reduction of operational costs”

As this new journey starts with Batch 3, we're committed to providing unparalleled support and resources to help these companies thrive in their sales & business development activities. Through tailored coaching, mentorship, and access to different investor & customer networks, the aim is to accelerate their growth trajectories within the EU space ecosystem and beyond. 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Batch 3 as they learn and grow with the CASSINI Business Accelerator.