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The CASSINI Matchmaking live event at Barcelona during 4YFN was full of business, networking and matching startups, Scale-ups, SMES with Corporates and Investors. Institutional Partners from European Commission, ESA and EUSPA were delighted to meet so many promising startups of space related business.

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Outstanding partners:

Institutional partners from European Commission, ESA, EIC, EUSPA and delegates of The Collider and EBAN Space made the event a real success. In their keynotes, the partners gave insights on the strength of european space business and upcoming trends. The relevance of venture capital and business angels to support and guide the very promising startups, part of this initiative, was demonstrated. The partners have been delighted by the quality of the pitching startups and the fruitful 1:1 meetings and networking.

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The Collider
At The Collider we bring together scientific and entrepreneurial talent to create highly technological startups. Our end purpose is to provide a response to the challenges of industry and society by means of deep-tech innovation.
EBAN space
EBAN launched EBAN Space in December 2016 to promote and advance Europe’s ecosystem for entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment in the space sector. EBAN Space is to be the centre of the European space ecosystem, gathering early stage and high level players within the industry.
The mission of EBAN Space is to bring together European national and pan-European organisations to become the hub for the continent’s journey to the stars. It also aims to help promote the use of technology from the space sector, and technologies that have future space applications.
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Pitching startups:
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Global Smart Rescue
Artificial intelligence and new Space at the service of disaster management. Innovative services and products essential for optimized rescue management: intelligent monitoring, optimized team management, resilient two-way communication anywhere in the world and whatever the network conditions and the search for victims.
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Odysseus provides innovative products and services to facilitate the flow of goods & information anywhere in the Solar System. The technologies developed by ODYSSEUS can already address the LEO satellite constellations market while paving the way for future applications in the Space Resources Utilisation value chain.
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Orbital Matter
Orbital Matter develops 3D Printing technology to be used in open space and on celestial bodies to manufacture large elements of space infrastructure.
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By providing a marketplace Volvero connects owners and drivers effectively bringing to use underutilized vehicles and providing an extensive range of efficient mobility possibilities to the drivers.
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Kreios Space
Kreios Space is developing an electric propulsion system for satellites. This technology is called ABEP (Air-Breathing Electric Propulsion) and it allows satellites to orbit closer to Earth without fuel usage.
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Pangea Aerospace
Pangea Aerospace provides the most innovative rocket engines in the world. Development of rocket and in-space propulsion systems based on the philosophy: higher efficiency, reduced number of parts, shorter lead time and lower cost.
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Dreamwaves helps blind people, urban bike riders or elderly people find their way just by following sounds, without looking at the screen by using spatial audio and advanced augmented reality technology to create the best audio navigation experience.
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Disaitek's purpose is to fight against environmental and public health damages. Disaitek offers a platform which automates the detection and monitoring of sources of pollution that can impact environment, public health and trigger fire outbreaks.
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Sternula is world's first commercial provider of cheap, secure, and global connectivity for the maritime industry using the new AIS 2.0 standard, also known as the "VHF Data Exchange System" (VDES).
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LASTING Software
LASTING Software bridges the world of terrestrial and satellite telecommunications by offering consultancy and prototyping expertise, acting as an end-to-end provider of integrated cellular back-hauling solutions.
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Open up isolated territories and populations thanks to autonomous connection stations. LeanConnected provides connectivity even in territories without access to the grid.
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SPiN enables manufacturers to integrate components and subsystems efficiently and cheaply, in a modular concept, empowering satellite manufacturers to spend high-value time and money where it counts: pursuing new ventures.
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Arkadia’s goal is to commercialize engines and propulsion systems based on green fuels, that can offer equivalent performance to traditional solutions, but with a considerable reduction in cost.
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Nano-Tech deals with nano-technologies and develops and produces innovative composite materials and nano composites. Unique products, more robust, lighter, more heat resistant, with better electrical conductivity and able to reduce vibrations.
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Earth pulse
Earth Pulse analyses satellite images through our AI data engine to help streamline decision-making processes with the objective to leverage the full potential of AI4EO to make satellite analytics accessible to anyone.
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Combining LEO satellite constellation with cellular networks. Stellar delivers global, seamless, fast, reliable, secure, sustainable broadband internet, to bring transportation into the digital era.
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