The Space for Defence & Security CASSINI Hackathon is set for 24-26 March 2023! This edition we are on a mission to strengthen Europe’s defence and security capabilities with the help of EU space technology! From France to Latvia, this pan-European hackathon is challenging Europe’s top entrepreneurs and coders to positively impact the European defence and security sector. Meet the 10 selected local organisers for this new set of challenges:

Bulgaria: RST-TTO


 Risk Space Transfer – Technology Transfer Office (RST-TTO) will be organising the Hackathon in Bulgaria! The Technology transfer office is the most appropriate place where business and science meet. TTO is an initiator of events with essential contributions to the development of innovations and innovative perspectives in the Republic of Bulgaria. As a main engine of innovative ideas, RST-TTO is ready to bring innovators together to strengthen European defence and security!

Croatia: ZICER


 Zagreb Innovation Center (ZICER) will be organising the Hackathon in Croatia! ZICER’s activities focus on supporting and advancing the entrepreneurial climate as well as society at large. They promote the creation of a stimulating entrepreneurial environment and strengthening of entrepreneurial competencies through their incubation and acceleration programs as well as coworking. With previous experience with organising hackathons and working as an incubator, they are aiming to bring innovative ideas to the forefront.

Cyprus: C.I.P Citizens in Power


 C.I.P Citizens in Power will be organising the Hackathon in Cyprus! CIP constitutes one of the leading organizations in Cyprus in the fields of global education, social innovation, entrepreneurship, STEM, and sustainable growth. With a focus on social innovation, they are aiming to give participants a space where they can re-imagine the European defence and security industry at the 5th CASSINI Hackathon.

France: Starburst Accelerator   

Starburst Accelerator

 Starburst Accelerator will be organising the Hackathon in France! Starburst’s goal is to advance technology in the Aerospace sector. They support innovation by leveraging the expertise and novel ideation found in large and small businesses, government organisations, and academic institutions. With a strong set of expertise on the theme and a vast network, they are hoping to provide a space where defence & security and space technology meet.

Hungary: Design Terminal

Design Terminal

 Design Terminal will be organising the Hackathon in Hungary! They are an incubation ecosystem offering business development and talent management services. After being founded in 2004 they have helped over 800 innovative enterprises with their accelerator program for international start-ups with a focus on social good. Having previous experience with CASSINI Hackathons, Design Terminal is back to finding new entrepreneurial talent within the defence and security industry. 

Italy: Planetek Italia

Planetek Italia

 Planetek Italia will be organising the Hackathon in Italy! Planetek Italia is focused on Geoinformatics, space solutions, and Earth science. Their solutions are designed to help entities and companies at local, national, and international levels, operating in different application areas such as satellite missions for Space exploration, Earth observation, and defence and security. With previous theme-related experience, they are now joining the CASSNI Hackathons to continue developing the European defence and security industry of tomorrow.

Latvia: Impact Hub Liepāja

Impact Hub Liepāja

 Impact Hub Liepāja will be organising the Hackathon in Latvia! Impact Hub Liepāja promotes the sustainable development of Latvian society and participation in innovative and creative initiatives, encouraging society as a whole and certain individuals to self-growth, entrepreneurship, and sustainable thinking, with special emphasis on the elements of “green” thinking. Having vast experience working with start-ups they are now aiming to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the European defence and security industry.

Poland: Blue Dot Solutions

Blue Dot Solutions

 Blue Dot Solutions will be organising the Hackathon in Poland! Blue Dot Solutions create and implement tailor-made solutions using satellite data such as GNSS & Earth imagery while also organising programmes to connect innovative start-ups and large enterprises. Having been actively involved in the start-up and innovation ecosystem they are now seeking for the next batch of visionaries ready to turn their ideas into actions at the 5th CASSINI Hackathon.

Romania: IdEA


 Excellence Institute of Entrepreneurship (IdEA) will be organising the Hackathon in Romania! IdEA is an NGO dedicated to the entrepreneurial area that aims to educate, promote, and facilitate access to finance for start-ups in Romania. Focusing on impactful entrepreneurship, IdEA believes they can help their ecosystem of start-ups succeed. Having previously participated in the 2nd CASSINI Hackathon, they are back to encourage entrepreneurs to think about how they can re-invent European defence and security.

Sweden: Ultrahack

Ultrahack Ultrahack will be organising the Hackathon in Sweden! Ultrahack offers IT services and consulting with the aim of driving growth, innovation, and digitalization across multiple industries by connecting public and private corporations with individuals, start-ups, and corporate developers. With plenty of experience in organising hackathons and a strong network of collaborators, they are aiming to give participants an opportunity to shake up the current European defence and security industry.


Those are the 10 brand new local organisers! Found a region of interest? Already got an inspiring idea? Join us at the ‘Space for Defence & Security’ Hackathon! Registrations will open on 31 January. Be where innovation happens.